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We believe Tolcarne is a ‘home away from home’ for all of our girls

Accomodation at Tolcarne has three stages, reflecting the evolving needs of the girls as they mature.

A Balancing Act

Tolcarne provides both structure and flexibility when it comes to girls co-curricular lives. We’re supportive of every boarder’s sporting and cultural activities, helping them balance and manage their commitments. On the academic side, we have structured homework routines every evening. It’s supervised for Year 9-11 students, while Year 12 and 13 self-manage (but are expected to be in their rooms studying from 6:30-8:00pm).


Every girl is placed in one of four Tolcarne Tribes, giving them a ‘boarder sister family’. The Tribes eat together weekly, take part in the hotly contested Tribe competitions and every girl participates in the Tribe values cards. Points awarded are collated in Term 4 when we hold the annual “In House Tribe Games” weekend.


Tolcarne’s grounds provide a parklike setting, with large green areas, mature trees, as well as a tennis court, volleyball area, and swimming pool. Boarders can also make the most of the music suites and exercise room, or if they’re after a little peace and quiet, the sanctuary.


Nutritious (and delicious) food is prepared by our catering team, with enough choices to keep everyone satisfied. Meal times are flexible, as we understand extra-curricular commitments can easily get in the way of a schedule.

Dining at Tolcarne isn’t just about the food though. It’s a special part of our day, where we get the chance to have a good catch up. On Monday nights Tribes eat together, from Tuesday to Thursday our Year 13 leaders run Junior dinners, and Year 11-13 enjoy the privilege of a rolling dinner.


Weekends at Tolcarne are just like weekends at home. The girls are free to sleep in, and have breakfast in their PJ’s whenever they’re ready. They enjoy sports, or just heading into town to the movies. We organise fun weekend activities which are compulsory for Year 9 students, while the older girls are encouraged to join in too.

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Tolcarne Trumpet Term 3

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